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The Future of VR and Games

I’m here to talk about the future of VR and games, but I think that the things that the people in this room are working on are going to be so fundamental to the development of the entire computer industry that this might as well be a talk about the future of human-computer interaction. Now […]

Untara, the pro-gamer unboxer

Hello. UNTARA, DID YOU BUY THE GOLD KAI’SA SKIN? I didn’t buy the gold Kai’Sa skin yet. I don’t have those. I don’t have enough tokens. UNTARA WANTS THE PRESTIGE EDITION KAI’SA SKIN Hey, everyone. How do you get these tokens? YOU NEED TO BUY THE WORLDS PASS I need to buy the Worlds Pass […]

My eSports experience

My favorite teams are Cloud9, team USA and NYXL, Excelsior, an Overwatch team in New York That’s for Overwatch League There are many eSports Leagues and teams. They play video games and win money Now, you know what eSports are I attended to RIT, an university in Rochester, New York When I was a first-year […]

Top 10 Video Games That Caused Death

For years, video games have been criticized for promoting violent behavior in players of all ages, but pre-dominantly young ones. While all media can easily be to blame for inspiring impressionable individuals to act in reckless ways, some games have gotten a lot of heat for their content. While it’s unfair to correlate certain titles […]

Poker Omaha Strategies

Poker is a game of skill and luck. Successful players have a repertoire of strategies that they use to play Texas Hold em poker. Omaha poker is no different when it comes to using strategies, but there are different strategies that you can use to help you improve your game. Many people often call Omaha […]