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Best Japanese card game

R: So today we’re here with Victor and Tomoko T: Hiiii! R: from Gimmeaflakeman. R: And we’re gonna explain the rules of daifugo. Victor’s never played before.

V: I’ve never played! Can you believe it? R: So we’re gonna teach him how to play. V: It’s my pocket of ignorance. T: We’ll teach you! R: It’s our favorite Japanese card game!

I love this game. V: There’s no drinking involved? R: You can add drinking if you want.

J: I’ll go bring the alcohol. Umeshuu. R: Oh, okay!

V: Oh, did you actually bring alcohol? J: Yes. V: I love this man! I love this man. Can I kiss him later? R: Go ahead.

T: “Go ahead”… lol V: What is that? T: Great! V: Oh wow. J: Umeshuu (Japanese plum wine). V: So we need glasses, huh? J: We don’t actually have to drink; it’s a souvenir.

V: Oh, okay. V: So the winner gets it, okay. R: Omiyage! J: It’s just a souvenir. V: Souvenir, really? That’s great.

Thank you very much. J: Do you hold your licquor? V: I love licquor. J: Okay, cool. V: Can you believe that question?

He’s obviously never seen any of my videos. V: I’ll give you this later [the go pro footage]. J: So, daifugo is… R: Can we see the cards now?

J: Not really. J: Where should I begin? R: The number one rule is you want to get rid of your cards as fast as possible.

R: And there’s a whole chain of winners and losers. R: So it’s not like someone wins and then the game is over. R: You keep going for 2nd place, 3rd place, and 4th place. J: And so there’s a card heirarchy: The weakest card is 3. V: It’s not 2?

R: Yeah. J: It’s 3. Then 4, 5, etc– queen, king, ace, and then 2 is the strongest. R: The heirarchy is 3 is the lowest.

And then it goes up until ace, and then 2 is the highest card. R: Although, there are special cards: two jokers, R: which you can play on top of the 2. Or, jokers can be any card, so it’s like a wild. R: If you play a single joker on top of a 2, the only way to beat that joker is the 3 of spades.

R: This is– J: We’ll go over the special rules later. R: Okay, should I wait? We’ll do special rules later! J: Yes.

V: So there are many different ways to play this game, huh? R: There are a lot of special rules, yeah. And you have to decide R: with people which rules you’re gonna use before you start playing.

J: So, if someone lays down a single card, the next person must also play a single card. R: You have to go up. V: Right. Only up. R: Yeah, and it can’t be the same. If someone places a 3 you can’t play 3 on top of it.

J: It has to be higher. R: At least one higher. V: At least one. So it could be five?

R: Yeah, you can play whatever you want R: as long as it’s higher. V: Oh, okay. J: And then, if someone plays two cards, the next person also has to play two cards.

R: If you’re going to play more than one card, they have to be the same card as well. R: Unless… J: Hang on. R: Okay. J: And then, if someone plays three cards, the next person plays three. V: Same with four?

R: Yes. J: I’ll explain four cards later. V: Okay, so it’s different. J: And for–how do you call this, suit? R: Mmhmm. Suits.

J: For example, if I play two 3’s and Rachel plays two 7’s, and the suits are the same, J: See how the suits are the same? V: Yeah. J: If she does that, then you have to play the same suits. J: You have to play those same suits for the rest of the round. V: That’s hard! R: Yeah, so this is one of the rules: If someone plays the same suit on top of another card, you have to continue playing that same suit for the rest of the hand.

V: So these are both same suit. R: Yeah, and this works even if it’s just a single card. R: If you played a 3 and then you played a 7, and it’s the same suit, all the other cards after that have to be the same suit. V: But only if they’re the same suit on the first card?

R: Any card, and it’s always the top card. R: So if someone played the 3, and then someone played the 7 here, and then someone else played the 10 of clubs, then you continue from the clubs after that. R: So it’s always off of the top card. V: Okay. J: So here’s another rule. For example, if I played a 3, Rachel plays a 7, and then Victor plays an 8, you call that “Hachigiri” (8-cut) and get rid of the card pile, and then Victor starts the next round.

V: What’s “hachigiri”? R: So, 8 is a special card. R: When you play 8 it ends the hand (round). V: Oh, every time you play 8. R: Every time you play an 8.

But you can only play an 8 on a lower card. R: So you can’t play an 8 on a queen or a jack. I’ve seen some people try to do that. V: Bastards. J: And if you can’t put down any cards you can just pass.

V: Okay. So what do you do in the beginning? You pass out all the cards one time? R: Yeah, everyone will be dealt an equal amount of cards.

V: How many people can play this game? J&R: As many as you want. R: You can add more decks. T: It’s more interesting with more people. V: Oh really? You can play like 2 decks, 3 decks?

R: Yeah! T: School girls play like that. V: Oh really? J: Now I’ll explain 3 special rules. The 1st is called “Stairs/Kaidan.” J: For example, these cards are kind of high, but the jack, queen, and king of the same suit, as long as you have at least three cards, you can lay them down.

J: The next person has to play three cards higher than this(K). V: It’s a little bit like Uno, but instead of the same card… R: Yeah, so- V: THAT’S WHY!! When I teach kids Uno they always say, “Can we do stairs, too?”

V: “What?! What are you talking about?? No! It’s Uno!” V: They mean this! They’re taking the rule from a different game.

T: Stairs. R: So, yeah, they have to be the same suits, and typically you would start out with lower ones. R: And the stairs after this one don’t have to be the same suit as the first stairs. R: They can be any suit.

As long as the lowest card is higher than the highest card here. V: The lowest card… is highest? R: Is higher than… um, okay- V: But in this case it’s impossible.

R: Yeah, in this case it’s impossible. J: The next rule is- V: Where did you learn this game? In college? R: No, when I studied abroad all of the foreign exchange students were playing it. R: Probably Jun taught them. J: I taught them all.

V: And you gambled, right? J: Secretly. V: Secretly… We’re playing strip poker today, Tomoko. J: If you play four cards, you call it “kakumei” (Revolution). And the card heirarchy reverses.

V: If you play four cards. Only the 7’s? Or anything?

R: Anything. Any four cards. V: So if you play four cards, it changes the direction. J: So 2 becomes the weakest, and 3 becomes the strongest sports betting winning strategies.

R: And it’s after this hand. If someone can play another four on top of this, then- V: It’ll go back. J: Yeah, it’ll go back to normal again. V: That must be really rare. R: It happens sometimes. V: This would be a good drinking game.

J: And then the joker is a very useful card. It’s basically the strongest card. J: It can play on top of the 2. R: It’s the only card you can put on a 2. J: But if it’s just a single joker, J: you can beat it with the 3 of spades.

R: And you can’t play anything on top of this 3. R: This 3 ends it, period. V: So the joker’s the strongest.

R: Yes. V: But, the 3 kills the joker. R: Just the 3 of spades. V: Only the 3 of spades?

J: However, this is the lowest card, 3. V: Oh, right! Of course. Yes, yes, yes. J: So it’s kind of a gamble if you want to keep it or not.

R: And it only works on a single joker. Because sometimes people have 2. V: So your weakness becomes your strength! Just like life. J: But, for example, if you play two jokers, you can’t use the 3 of spades.

V: If you play 2… oh, right. Of course, of course. J: So these are the basic rules. J: And then, out of four people, the person who wins first is called “Daifugo.” [大富豪] J: Daifugo means what–super rich man?

R: Yeah. V: Big rich man. J: Next is fugo–relatively rich man. V: What’s the kanji? Dai is big?

T: Yes. [大] J: Fugo uses the kanji from “tomi.” V: Okay, tomi. [富] J: Go uses… [豪] T: Australia’s go. [豪州/Gōshū] V: All right. Just the big go.

Okay, I got it. T: Fugo. J: And then, with three people the 3rd is hinmin. [貧民] It means poor person.

J: And then the person in 4th is daihinmin. [大貧民] T: Daihinmin. J: And so daihinmin has to give their two strongest cards to daifugo in the next game. V: That sucks! The rich get richer! And the poor get poorer!

R: And daifugo can give any two cards back to daihinmin. But they get to choose which cards to give back. V: This is a real capitalist game. J: It is. It really is.

V: Cut throat. Okay, cool. J: If daihinmin has a joker, they have to give that up. J: After that it would be 2, ace, king, etc. V: Are you hiding the cards? R: Yeah, yeah.

R: Hinmin and fugo exchange one card. J: Just one. J: Since there are a lot of rules, let’s try to remember them as we play. T: I only played in elementary school!

Those rules were a lot simpler! R: There’s a lot of luck involved in what hand you’re dealt. Once you get the rules down, then- V: Is this okay? Calories 55% off!

J: Do you like umeshuu? V: Oh yeah, I love umeshuu! R&J: Great! V: Should I get some glasses?

T: You might drink it all! V: Who starts? J: Let’s do janken (rock-paper-scissors). V: I’m bad at janken. J&T: Janken PON!

R: I-I don’t know how it goes! [janken happening] J: Now you two do it. [more janken] V: You’re it.

T: So, 2st, 2nd 3rd, 4th. R: Oh, okay! V: She’s first? R: That went way too fast for me.

I didn’t know what was happening. V: Yeah, I’m not good at that. So I guess I should order these in some sort of order. J: Yeah. V: So, ace… 2 is the highest, then ace, right?

J: Yeah. J: Rachel put down two fives. R: Oh, we forgot to do the rule where if it’s one higher than this, and R: it’s the same suit, then it has to continue up with just one higher.

R: So like if someone did the 6 of hearts and the 6 of diamonds after this, R: then the next set would HAVE to be the 7 of hearts and the 7 of diamonds. R: So only if it’s the same suit and one number higher. J: Which rarely happens.

R: It makes it interesting, though. And it does happen. V: Have you had breakfast? You’ve had breakfast.

R: Mmhmm! V: I have’t, so this is gonna be great. I can feel it. T: Do the next cards have to be a diamond and heart? J: Any of them are fine.

T: So just two cards. R: I can see your cards, but I can help you. V: So I can do this, right? R: Yes! T: Wow!! J: If that had been a diamond, J: The next card would have to be the diamond and heart 7’s.

T: Right. J: But now anything is fine. T: Right, but I don’t have anything. Pass.

J: Pass. T: How many times can you pass? J: As many as you want. R: It’s whenever you want, and you don’t have to play something. R: Even if you can play something you can refuse and just pass. V: But from now on everyone is stuck to just two cards, right?

R: Yeah, for just this hand here. V: What do you mean? Oh, this is just one hand and then you throw them away? R: Yeah, so once everyone passes- V: So it isn’t like Uno where you have the same pile forever. R: Pass. V: My turn?

R: Once you pass you can’t go again for this hand. V: Oh really? R: Yeah. So, since I passed if it comes back to me I can’t go anymore. T: Pass, pass. J: Pass.

R: So since everyone else passed and you were the last person you get to lay down the next cards first. V: Oh, I get to lay it down. And it would be a good thing to start with a low card, right? J: Yes. V: Generally speaking.

R: Generally, yep. Unless you’re trying to reverse it. V: Oh, damn! I shouldn’t have put that down. That’s the one that can kill the joker. J: You don’t know yet- R: -if someone’s ever going to lay down a single joker.

V: But it would potentially be a good card to have. T: I can put these cards down, right? J: Yeah.

J: That’s hachigiri. V&T: Oh, right! V: I was like, how did you do that?! V: So now I’ve gotta put down two cards, or… T: Rachel has a lot of doubles! T: Two, huh…

Pass. J: Pass. V: That means you’re up, right? R: I am up. R: Pass.

R: You just laid it down so you already won. V: Oh, I didn’t have to do that? R: No.

Since everyone else passed, then… V: Oh, I see. R: It’s already over. V: Okay. So I actually couldn’t put these down?

R: No. No, it’s over immediately once everyone else passes. V: Okay.

V: But now you see I have two aces. Aces up my sleeves R: I’m not looking. T: 7? Okay.

V: So it’s a thinking game. R: It is! It’s so fun; I love this game. V: It’s a lot more fun than Uno, I gotta say.

R: Pass. V: You see the way he did that? He was like, “Look what I got.” V: Okay, then I have to pass.

T: Okay, pass. J: Yes! V: So then he starts, I see.

J: Yep. V: Okay. T: He laid down two cards. V: Uh oh! R: WHAAAA T: So now the next person has to put down a diamond and club. R: HA HA J: The same suit?

R: Yeah, so they have to be the same suit after this. V: So you have 3 of diamonds and what is that, clover, club? R: Clubs.

V: Clubs. 9 of diamonds, 9 of clubs. V: So I… can’t do anything. Oh, hold on! Oh, wait. Hm?

R: If you have a joker you can use that, too. V: Oh, look at this! T: No one’s played a joker yet. R: EEEEEEH?! V: Ace of diamonds, ace of clubs. J: Sweet.

R: Eeeeehh (|||д|||) T: But… V: Uh oh! Bum ba da baa! V: Woooah, nice play. R: Waaaaa V: Two. T: Twos haven’t been played yet, either. R: Amazing.

J: Pass. R: Everyone’s passing, right? T: Okay.

V: Pass. T: Okay, next is… V: So who won that? She won. OH wow. 4, 4, 4. J: Three 4s.

Pass. R: Pass. V: The three deaths. SHI SHI SHI [how you pronounce death & 4]. V: Okay, pass.

Ohhh. Dammit! R: Oh, here it goes. R: We’re on death row now. V: 8, 9, 10. J&R: Pass.

V: She’s gonna win! T: I should have played this earlier. V: Nobody can beat that except for a joker. T: Tomoko only have two cards left. V: So 3, 2… got a bunch there. J: Pass.

R: Pass. V: I thought… okay, pass. V: No one’s played a joker yet. I really wanted a joker.

V: Now wait, I don’t get it. Isn’t there a joker in there somewhere? No?

Right? R: Someone could play it but maybe they don’t want to. V: Ohhh. I thought you should play it. J: Oh, sorry, you don’t have to. V: You don’t have to, okay.

R: There’s a little bit of plannign involved. V: I see. V: So holding onto the joker’s a good idea.

J: It’s pretty much all about tactics. R: Combining your cards in the best way. V: So even though you have lots of cards V: you can still win. J: Might be able to, yeah.

R: Probably not, now. V: But if she wins again then she’s going to take it. V: Because all she has to do is put down one card. R: Yeah. V: So if you’ve got a joker you have to play.

R: Well, unless we- that could ruin us R: if we were trying to go for 2nd place. Like maybe we needed that to lay down something else. V: Ohh, so this is a game that you play for a long time, not just one round. R: Yeah.

V: So becoming the winner the first time V: is not the ultimate goal. R: Yeah, your place matters so you just don’t want to be last two. V: Oh, I see. So it’s your turn, right? J: Yeah, I’m thinking. V: And you’re thinking.

J&R: Pass. V: So, pass. I have to pass. T: So I’m daifugo!

R: Congratulations! J: Great! J: Tomoko is daifugo! T: ~~Daifugo~~ V: She’s daifugo.

T: Super rich! V: Okay, you’re super rich. J: 5. V: Queen. R: Queen of spades.

V: And I’ve got king of spades! R: AAAH T: Oh, he does! R: That was perfect. V: So you can beat it, but you’re debating, huh? R: Maybe that’s just what he wants you to think. J: Joker.

V: And he takes it. So you can relax, you’re the king. T: Yeah.

V: The richest. J: 8. R: Uwaaa… V: Oh, you can just do that? R: Yeah. T: That’s hachigiri. V: Oh, interesting.

R: Here it comes. V: Oh, pass. T: Victor’s turn? V: I already passed so I can’t.

J: Queen and king. V: So he must have a 2 or a joker. R: It has to be the ace after this, though. V: Oh, it has to be an ace?

Why can’t it be a 2? V: Oh- R: Because it’s the queen and the king, so… J: Pass. V: So on the last three, jack, queen, king, it has to… R: Oh, just because this was the queen and then the king, and they’re the same suit… R: And they’re one apart, the next one has the be the same suit and one up.

V: Okay. J: Pass. T: Oh, here’s the joker. V: I don’t understand. R: So, joker can be any card, so… V: So I have to pass. T: Right, the four, then five… J: Pass.

V: I’m gonna be fourth. R: I win! T: This is how you play at the end.

V: And I pass again. R: So it’s two losers playing for- V: Two losers, thanks a lot! R: Playing for- V: Two losers playing! V: So wait a minute, what did you just do? This last, the top card- R: That was what I played, so unless someone wants to play off of it now, then you just slide it apart.

V: I can’t play. J: So Victor, you pass? V: I pass. I have to pass, right? T: Two cards, so you can’t put anything down.

V: Sorry, I can’t put anything. V: So I become the biggest loser. R: But you go first next time because R: You’re daihinmin. V: Oh really? Pity. J: This is just a practice, right?

R: Oh yeah. Yeah. V: Well, that’s okay. T: Hey! R: Oh, daifugo! T: My hand was good, though.

V: So now we’ll play for real, right? T: Yep! V: One more? R: Yeah, sure! V: Tomoko why don’t you sit here V: so you can be in the camera a little bit? J: So the last one was practice, right?

R: Start over, or do you want to exchange cards? T: Starting over is fine! V: Sure!

V: It’s an interesting game. I think I can turn it into a lesson for English, too. V: For kids, for kids. T: You could. V: I teach Uno to kids.

T: There are some winning moves. T: Like “how to win.” Elementary school students are really good at them. V: So they’ll probably beat me. J: Yeah, they know this game.

T: Yeah, they know it really well! J: I used to play when I was an elementary school student. T: Right?

They can even win against adults. V: Little capitalists. J: For order how about the winners go first? Tomoko, then Rachel, me, and then Victor. T: Oh, me?

V: You’re first! T: Okay. V: So she’s first, and then who’s next?

J: Rachel, then me. R: Oh, okay. V: Because I’m last, right? R: Oh, okay! V: I lost.

I’m the big loser. R: All right, so instead of exchanging cards, R: that’s what we’re doing. V: The practice round put me in the qualifying last position. J: Jack? Pass! T: So suddenly?!

V: Why would you do that…? V: So you go next. R: Oh!

That’s right. J: Can you call out your card, too? R: Okay, sorry! R: Queen of clubs. T: What?

Another big card! V: Is that normal, do you think? T: They’re big cards… V: You’re looking at her very suspiciously. J: This isn’t really normal. T: It’s no good.

Pass! J: It’s your turn. V: Uhh pass. V: Hmm, get rid of high cards quick… R: King of diamonds.

T: This is difficult. J: She’s trying to do a revolution. T: What should I do…? V: Revolution? T: Pass, pass, pass! J: Where you flip the hierarchy.

V: Reversing the direction. J: Pass. V& T: Pass. R: Okay. R: Or maybe she’s just way too strong.

V: So two 2’s. R: Two 2’s. T: It’s impossible to go after that, right? J&T: Pass. V: Hold on!

J: You need to have two jokers to beat this. V: Oh, right! That’s the highest. V: 3’s are the lowest. V&T: OOoooo~ V: So what does that mean? Everyone’s gotta go four 4.

There’s like three 4’s, I mean four 3’s… [wat] V: So you’ve gotta put… I see. R: Someone would either have to do four of another card on top of it to reverse it, R: or after this everything is reversed UNTIL I’m out. And after that it goes back to normal. V: Everything’s reversed until you’re out. Okay.

But no one can do it? Can you take care of the 3’s? V: AH! He’s got something!

J: Pass. V: But he thought about it! So maybe he has four cards. V: I gotta pass.

T: Pass. V: So now the direction has been reversed? R: It has been reversed.

V: So that is low. The next card has to be 8. Or 7 or 6.

That’s a 9? So we gotta go below 9. J: Hachigiri. T: You lay down 8’s on high cards? Just not on two cards?

J: Right now you can, because the hierarchy is reversed. T: Oh, right! R: The thing you have to worry about now is since it’ll go back to normal after I’m out, R: you have to think about whether I’ll go out before you.

R: So do you want to get rid of all of your high cards now? T: That’s right. The cards are reversed now. R: Or not. Because if you get rid of your high cards and [the cards] go back, you’re stuck.

J: You have to use your head. V: This does not go well. V: Okay, so your turn.

T: Wait, I’m lost! J: Right now 2 is the weakest and 3 is the strongest. But Rachel just used all the 3s so those are gone. V: Right.

So 2 is high now. 2 is powerful. R: 3 is the most powerful. V: I mean 3, I’m sorry.

3 is powerful, 4 is powerful. R: But all four or those are out, so… R: Four is the most powerful. J: But it’ll go back to normal after she’s out. V: And she has five cards left. J: I kind of want to challenge you, Rachel. R: Go ahead.

V: So now it’s my turn. R: Oh, which way are we going? This way. R: Okay, sorry. V: Now hold on, so that’s a high card.

R: Yes. J: But it’s the weakest right now. T: For now. R: Yeah. V: Oh, it used to be- I’m sorry. That’s right.

So the next card has to be a king or ace or something like that. J: Or more than 2, yeah. V: Okay! Well, how about that? V: An ace. An ace of diamonds.

R: It has to be the king now. Pass. T&J: Pass. R: So now it’s you. V: No, that’s a high… [talking to self] V: 2… 2 is high… [still talking to self] R: Do you want to get rid of your high cards now?

V: Okay, so… yeeeeah. I’m gonna get rid of my cards… like that. T: So two cards… V: So it’s gotta be lower, right? V: So two jacks or queens, that would be okay. R: Yep!

T: Take this. R: Pass. V: Oh, two tens! Okay… All right! Two 6’s.

T: Pass. R: I already passed before so… J: Pass. V: So then…

I won! Yaaay! V: This is tricky.

The highest card ever is joker, right? And then 2. But now we’re going backwards, so V: the joker is low. R: The joker is still best.

V: It’s still best. R: Because it’s a wild card. R: Yeah, it’s always wild. V: Okay, let’s try this.

V: Queen of hearts! T: Then I’ll lay down like normal. V: Seven.

R: It has to be the five. V: I see. When the suits match, the next card V: has to be the same.

So I have to pass. T: Pass. V: So I’m out.

V: So if he has the four of clovers then he can take it. R: Now he’s thinking about whether he wants to piss off his wife. V: That’s rough. T: He’s thinking. V: Just play it! She’s not going to hold a grudge… Maybe.

Maybe? Hopefully? J: She… well… J: Pass. V: She will!? J: Pass.

V: So you win! R: No, I still have… V: Oh, that round, right? T: Two aces. J: Pass. T: No one’s played their jokers yet. V: Okay…

I don’t think I know what I’m doing, but… R: Oh, good! Yeah! Now it’s out. Now you get to go. It’s two 8’s. V: Two 8’s take two aces.

So now… 10! T: 10… okay! 9! V: 5 of spades… So you win! R: YES.

V: You’re the daifugo. R: Daifugo. R: And this is still low, but after this the order goes back to normal.

V: So… hold on. R: After this. T: Oh, it’s scary now that it’s only us three! V: Pass. Oh, if you have a 4 you can go.

T: That’s right. T: But… I can’t. Pass. J: So then it’s me. V&T: 4!

T: Oh, that’s right, now that it’s the three of us… T: First, 8. T: And then, king, ace, and 2. V: WHOOOA! Damn. You’re good at this!

T: And… 4, 4, 4. V: This is like genetic or something. V: I don’t even see those moves coming. T: Jun’s turn!

J: There’s no way I can win after this… T: Thank you! J: 7. T: Yay! V: Oh, so… R: It has to be diamonds now. Because this is the 7 of diamonds and then- V: Or a joker.

R: Or a joker! R: He only has two cards left. V: It makes sense to play the higher card. V: Which is not that great. T: But… if it’s just one card… V: Okay, so it’s… yeah… so… pass. V: Oh, I should have done it the other way around, should’ve played the low card.

J: You only have one card left? V: Yep. J: Okay… T: He can play two cards. T: Ahh!! [clapping] V: Okay. I’m the big loser!

T: Daihinmin! V: Again. All right. Well, that was educational! T: Daifugo!

V: And now I feel much smaller than I did before, so… R: No!! V: You actually won that. V: You’re the big rich person?

What’d you call it? R: The super rich person. V: Semi-rich person. J: And we’re loser 1, loser 2. V: You’re the poor person, and I’m super poor. V: That was good!

J: Thank you for playing daifugo! T: Thank you! [more clapping] V: Right, shall we go do outside video? R: Yeah! V: So I can walk around back there, you think?

R: Sure! R: We’ll do a… around… like a [panorama] V: Sure. R: That’s adorable!