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Untara, the pro-gamer unboxer

Hello. UNTARA, DID YOU BUY THE GOLD KAI’SA SKIN? I didn’t buy the gold Kai’Sa skin yet. I don’t have those. I don’t have enough tokens. UNTARA WANTS THE PRESTIGE EDITION KAI’SA SKIN Hey, everyone.

How do you get these tokens? YOU NEED TO BUY THE WORLDS PASS I need to buy the Worlds Pass first? So it doesn’t matter if I buy it later, right? 1. BUY THE WORLDS PASS AND FARM TOKENS IN THE GAME Just got it. Does “quick match” mean ranked games?

Or is it just a normal game? (2. CLEAR THE QUESTS) Does anyone know? There’s 4 hours left.

It looks like they’re giving 10 for this. So in one day, the most you can get is 15 tokens? Or is it 20? YOU GET A LOT FOR GETTING CLOSE TO S THEY GIVE IT AFTER THE GAME So that’s why they’re called K/DA?

If you’re KDA is good, they give you a lot? (3. PLAY WELL AND WIN) That’s hard. When am I going to farm 1,000 tokens?

If you buy this, are they giving 500 tokens? If 500 tokens cost 6,250 RP, how much is that? Is that about 60,000 won? IF YOU SPEND 100,000 WON, I can just buy it for 100,000 won?

(YOU COULD JUST GET IT) You want me to buy this 500 token pack? (4. JUST BUY IT) 6,250 RP… That’s basically saying to spend 60,000 won.

Please give me just these Worlds tokens. (TRYING TO MAKE A DEAL WITH RIOT) I don’t need the rest of this. I don’t need the 25 K/DA orbs and grab bag.

Just let me buy the tokens for cheap. The gold Kai’Sa skin doesn’t come out of these, right? You can only get it with the tokens, right? THE GOLD KAI’SA COMES OUT OF THERE TOO It does? Really?

That was unexpected. HE SEARCHES IT UP It’s over here. The Kai’Sa skin. Should I try? But it’s so expensive.

How could I spend 6,200 RP? (IT’S A STEEP PRICE) I’ll try getting it on my main account. I have a lot of tokens on that account.

It seems wasteful to get it on my side account. SIDE AND MAIN ACCOUNT NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE HE LOGS INTO HIS MAIN ACCOUNT This is too much. Why does it keep giving me stuff I have? Only the crappy stuff is coming out.

The first orb. That’s so useless. Let’s just open 10 at once. I have this. I don’t use this. I don’t need this.

Not bad. I don’t like this. Throw this away.

Not bad. Useless. Useless. Useless.

Useless. Super useless. HIS QUEST TO GET THE GOLD KAI’SA SKIN THIS IS TRASH THIS IS USELESS I’M NOT USING THIS I ALREADY HAVE THIS DON’T NEED THIS Today’s good roll was Poro Rider Sejuani. PROJECT: Vayne as well. Please give me just these tokens. (TODAY’S LOOT: 500 TOKENS) I don’t need the rest of this.

(PORO RIDER SEJUANI) I don’t need the 25 K/DA orbs and grab bag. (PROJECT: VAYNE) Just let me buy the tokens for cheap. (RANDOM PRETTY TRASH) How useless.